Version 0.6.6 for TC Kain has been released.

Chapter 6 began along with two major lore files in Venus and Earth. I have a fair amount of lore files for planets but have been refusing to put thme online due to me wanting to create 3D render for them first. 3D renders for Venus and Earth are complete, so those two lore files are up.

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Both games hit a major version.

Bhavacakra is at 0.6.0 where two out of three plot branches is complete. Third and final plot branches is in progress.

TC: Kain hits 0.6.5 where chapter 5 is completed. A long way to go still but one step closer.

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Bhavacakra is currently on 0.5.4.

Framework of the game is complete and all there is to do is story quests which are fairly long on its own. It has 3 plot branches and the 1st plot is complete with 2nd plot 70% complete.

At the moment, the game is on schedule. I expect version 1.0.0 in one year although the realism is that it should finish in 6 months.


TC Kain is currently on 0.6.3.

This one is a visual novel that bases on a very long and broad story. The game is already complete in a sense that it is out there. The story is going to be few books worth and it's almost never-ending story.

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