Bhavacakra Adventures is a new Bhavacakra game based on RPG maker MV.

What I learned from making Bhavacakra will clearly be reflected in the new game. The game sets itself 20 years prior to the beginning of the first Bhavacakra.

The very early version is playable online @ http://twoclusters.com/bhavacakra-adv-alpha

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Bhavacakra is now version 1.0.0 and is released.

Full patch note can be found here.

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I will be releasing Bhavacakra release candidate version soon. I was planning to do a full official release but the scope of bug-fixing and adding minor contents before fully finalizing is taking far more time and efforts than I thought.

Additionally, the site is undergoing some changes to meet the final release of the game. I will basically be adding a bug reporting forum and patch note section.

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