Two Clusters – Kain walk-through

Complete, date Nov 29, 2018

Your freedom of movement is greatly restricted until you reach a rank of cadet and are given your own frigate. Until Kain acquires his cruiser, the game won’t really open up and inner Sol (Earth, Moon, Venus, and Mars) won’t be accessible for a long time.

Another thing to note is that, you do not gain parameters through (slow) leveling. Your main source of parameter increases will come from events and equipment. But that does not mean leveling isn’t required because advanced skills require both level and a certain level in a parameter as well as items.
The most reliable source of parameter increase is via side missions. Story (Navy) missions will hardly give any parameter increase.

➤ The prologue phase

It’s not really prologue but let’s just put it this way.

► Your initial navy classes grant you 30 points in either computing and engineering or both. You are given 4 options to distribute the points.

► 2+ engineering during USF Junker shuttle race. Requirement is 22+ engineering.

► Kain grumbles about lack of beer. Get him a can of beer and it will grant him 2+ initiative.

► Once promoted to a cadet, visit the registration office and talk to the officer inside. This will cost you 1,000c but will end your refugee status voluntarily, granting 2+ to Charisma.

Some of above opportunities are only during the training phase.

Reaching Pluto with Gordin, Suu, and Margaret isn’t exactly a walk in the park. It isn’t exactly hard, either. Just be sure to pull them out of group if they are close to dying. Fleeing is certainly an option at this point. Gaining level and loot aren’t the priority at this point.

Supply (current max value is 1,000)

Once you space, your ship will begin to consume supply points. Its max value is 1,000 and docking at major stations will replenish it for free. You will also be able to purchase extra supplies for a large fee. The supply system basically prevents you to explore mindlessly in combat zone.

➤After becoming a captain

Once Kain becomes a captain, the game will open up much more. But the easy pirates found close by navy beacons won’t still be a walk in the park. The hard difficulty is intentional because the scale of the game is large. Kain has a long way to go. The only way to make it easier is by learning better skills.

It’s also very important to know that it costs money to repair a ship’s armor. There is no way around it. Repairing at a station will cost less in general. Therefore, fleeing from random encounter is likely the only option for the time being.

The game is sort of sandbox once Kain becomes a captain. Therefore, it is the best to explain points of interests.

➤ Kain’s ship, Parashe II

This is Kain’s own ship which is home to numerous NPCs. You can access via main menu “Bridge”.

➤ [Zero gravity cooking] is available which recruits Imari.

➤ [O, Droid] While this mission is available from the start, I doubt you will get to finish it for a while. The mission itself is not hard, but gathering the parts will take hours. The droid companion is worth the trouble though. Kain will also gain 2 points in computing and engineering.

➤ [The Blackmen] is It starts when Kain takes Gordon down for good. He acquires an encrypted disk which can be read by Four. Once the content of the disk is read, you head over to Pluto to fool a blackmen recruiter which will end up bad. The trail goes cold then. However, a man in the strip club on Green outpost gives Kain a lifeline. You then enter the blackmen hideout via Pluto sewer. Do note that this is a very, very, hard mission. You are going to need top-of-line gears and level 10 across all companions. The reward is the best pistol in the game.

➤ [Better cafeteria] requires you to have Imari already aboard and [Serenade to Death] completed. Completing this will upgrade stock Imari has, lessening your burden to visit other specific shops with about 10% discount applied as well.

➤ [Savas’s request] has a very short window. You must complete this before Kain docks at Uranus outpost and reports the result of the war after [First Sol-Andromeda war].

➤ Uranus mission center

This is the primary place for navy missions. After a certain mount of navy missions done, story will progress.

➤ [Roaming pirates spotted] - This mission is not counted for story progression requirement.

➤ [SOS received] is also available which is a simple go-there-and-do-something mission.

➤ [Escort business] is there to give you a taste of having a full team and an insight to more advanced skills. This mission should be easy due to powerful temporary members. Nice reward as well. Grants 1 in computing and engineering in the end.

➤ [Messenger] is a simple go there, talk to someone, and go somewhere else again for something type of quest. It’s as simple as it could get and forces you to go to Mars which is my goal.

➤ [A sign of troubles] is the first story quest. You need to complete three navy quests (Roaming pirates won’t count). The mission itself is simple. Getting there may not be. Don’t force your way to there. Flee. Once you complete this, recruit Margaret from Uranus outpost. The game will be much easier.

➤ [Pursuing Gordon part 2] is the continuation of a previous mission. Ryan now has located Gordon’s whereabouts and orders Kain to either finish him off or arrest him.
Gordon himself is kinda tough. Decent gear and level 5ish recommended. He will drop a disk that initiates a side mission.

➤ [After a pirate lord] is a really hard mission. Optionally, you can recruit Captain William for this mission and I do encourage you to recruit him. Once you recruit him, he can be recruit later.

➤ [Last signal] is yet another mission that gives omen that something bad is going to happen to United Sol. The mission itself is simple. You do have a choice of ending this mission quickly or pursue further for a bonus.

➤ [Serenade to Death] is a simplified version of “Milky way to our home” event within Two Clusters universe. The original event is like 400 pages long in reality. The event is straight forward. It has some choices which will give attribute bonus.

➤ [You’ve been sued!] is a somewhat comical mission. You can either pay up to end it quickly or do it the hard way with Four if you have her on your ship.

➤ [New drone test] is a simple mission. Losing is an option here but defeating drones will give Kain a large reward.

➤ [Lady Inspector] introduces Magentha, a crucial character in the game.

➤ [Securing outer Sol] is not exactly a hard mission but perhaps a boring one.

➤ [First Sol-Andromeda war] is a game changing event where Kain and Co will partake in a short war. Recommended level for this is level 10. You will want “Recover SP 2” for at least two members. Also note that starting this mission will close most of early side missions.

➤ Uranus outpost

The outpost itself offers some side missions.

➤ [Abandoned mine] Given by a resident. It opens up an abandoned mine in Saturn sector.

➤ [Under heavy duress] Given by a city official. A straight forward mission to do.

➤ Mist, Saturn capital

➤ [To the stars] mission can start in an apartment lobby on top. This is an easy mission. Just follow mission log.

➤ Pluto settlement

Once Kain becomes a captain, he can visit Pluto. A story mission will automatically lead you there. This is a lawless zone and you can initiate ground combat

➤[The obvious trap] mission can start here. Strongly suggested for level 2+.
An ESP companion “Four” can also be found here. Four is a glass cannon.

➤[Water shortage] - Once Kain finishes up “Signs of troubles”, he will now enter PAC on Pluto. There, he will meet Ezio who will claim of water shortage. Bring him water and he will owe Kain a favor.

➤ [Fix this thing] - There is a broken trading tracker in the basement of PAC. Fix it.

➤ [Rat infestation] – Requires you to complete water shortage and fix this thing missions.

➤ Revolting mining outpost

There is a mining outpost right not far from Pluto.
This is literally a dungeon, the first accessible dungeon at that. This is basically a place to grind exp, credit, and loot. There is a quest (Take control back) associated with this place but don’t expect it to finish it in early stage.
A companion “Four” is probably required for this place due to presence of machines.

➤ [Take control back] is the base mission for the area. This mission itself is straightforward until you hit the boss. The boss will probably be a little too tough for the level Kain and his companions are at. There is a way to avoid the fight but it requires 23 points of Charisma. Reward is far greater when you avoid the boss fight as well. Do make sure to talk to the officer when the mission is done since he’s the one who will give out rewards. The mission itself is completed at the boss area.

➤ Four also gives out [Download blues] side quest which gives no reward but increases friendship level. Talk to her on the ship when you have [Take control back] quest active.

➤ A random miner will beg for life. Let him go, Kain will get 2+ charisma. Kill him, Kan will get 2+ attack.

➤ [SOS signal] This is an optional side mission that can be acquired from the third floor of the mine. It’s a simple.

➤ Green outpost

This place is furthest sector Kain can visit before entering real deep space where supply will become an issue. As of version 0.3.7, this place offers one relatively easy mission.

➤[Kain the bouncer] - This mission can grant you 2+ in either Charisma or Computing, depending on a choice you make.

➤[Mascarini’s chart] - Requires both “To the stars” and “Sign of troubles” completed. Talk to him once those two are completed and he will reveal his true identity as well as the reason for his journey. His modified chart will reveal two additional sectors next to Kuiper-3004.

➤ Moon (Luna)

Moon is the official designation of the planet. Luna is how locals call the planet. You can visit Kain’s old neighborhood once he completes [A sign of troubles] mission.

🏆 After Kain becomes a commodore

Once Kain becomes a commodore, most of side missions in pre-war will be canceled or be unable to be completed. The ones that can still continue is the Blackman, Under heavy duress, and few others.

New captains become available: Samuel (USF Kite), Lisette (USF Bismarck)
Margarget & Suu will become unavailable.

It’s also important to note that navy missions from Magenta from this point does not pay out any money because Kain himself is the boss at this point. He will eventually have a choice of receiving passive income.

➤ Uranus outpost

Catching cats: If you’ve previously obtained Mascarini's chart, you will automatically complete this mission with 2+ increase in initiative. If not, you must find someone who has the chart and pay for it.

Catching jerks: This mission will give you Otto’s chart which will allow you to access Kupier-3008, home sector of another pirate faction: Behaving Jerks.

Mischievous cats: A fairly lengthy mission to take on.

Talk of the upper class: Kain marries Ritsuki in this mission.

Rigged system: The choice you make will have a profound impact later.

Secure SOL-2682: Once you clear the sector, the sector will become high security.

Secure Saturn sector: Once you clear the sector, the sector will become high security.

To Earth: Nothing to do. Just watch the even unfold.

WC Negotiation: The choice you make in “Rigged system” mission will play a part here. It won’t alter the story but it will alter your financial outlook.

Playing with fire: There are few cases in the game where there is a charisma check. This is one of such cases. Kain’s charisma needs to be at least 27. Remember that there is a charisma boosting item on Jupiter station. Passing this check saves people of the station and ultimately allows Jaxx to join Kain later, giving you an additional member for space battles.

Conspiracy: This isn’t a complicated mission. Just follow the leads.

Ezio?: Not a hard mission, either.

The battle of Neptune: Basically identical to other sector securing missions. Clear pirates out one by one.

Chasing shadow: No comment. Just follow leads.

Private contact: No comment. Just follow leads.

Ambush: No comment. Just follow leads.

Secure Pluto sector: Identical to other “Secure sector” missions.

Secure sector SOL-2691: This one is different. The sector will be empty. Talk to a mining vessel near the top to finish it.

Showdown: This is the final story mission for 1.0.0. You can continue the game afterwards. If you want to know more about Kain’s story, you have a choice to read the novel. Because the story is very expandable, there will be post game side quests.

Magenta (Kain’s secretary on Uranus outpost)
Securing Uranus sector: It’s a simple mission. You just need to clear our all pirates within Uranus sector. It is more of a catch-me mission. There are 13 pirate entities. Can you find them all?

House hunt: Once triggered, this mission is tracked in real time. You need to spend 5 minutes of ticks before she will contact Kain and progress to the next step. This time is counted only when Kain is on Uranus outpost.


More rats: Requires you to complete “rat infestation” from Ezio.

A letter to home: Once you complete the above mission “More rats” this unlocks.
This mission is a little complicated. You can prematurely end the mission by simply informing the mission giver after his entire family is gone missing. If you want to complete this properly though, you need to time it right. This mission has two endings. If you have “The Blackmen” mission available when you do this, you can rescue the family from their hideout. This is a better ending.
If you’ve already completed “The Blackmen” mission, the sister (Others dead) will be found as a prostitute at Green outpost.

Bug hunt: You must complete all possible missions given by Ezio to trigger this. Kain also needs to have completed “To Earth” mission. Once those two conditions are met, Kain can help Ezio to become an official administrator of Pluto. This mission costs a lot of money, probably more than you can save up. You can enact some taxes on Uranus outpost to help with funding.

➤Side quests

➤↬Asteroid-666↫ is the third dungeon of the game. For the sake of the game being a game, I won’t reveal its location here. It is a hard dungeon with machine enemies. A post game side quest is played at this location and it has several vendors that sell endgame gears.

➤Her final journey: The concept of this mission is somewhat similar to “Kain, the bouncer” mission you may have done in early game. But this time, the girl is a fairly important person. This quest will have followup quests, so make sure to finish it before you finish the story or the quest will be closed unless you triggered it earlier.

➤Bug surprise: Can be picked up in the lobby area of Jupiter station. Not a hard mission.


The game has a simple trading system which is controlled by several variables in real time. The concept of it is really simple.

I will take Wounded cats pirate station as an example.
The station has wine in demand, and its demand value is 1,000. Each wine you deliver there will net a profit of 1,500c and each wine you deliver will lower the demand value by 100.
Since you can carry only 5 crates at max, if you deliver 5, the demand will become 500.
On this specific case, it was set up that, if the demand value is lower than 600, the station won’t buy any more crates of wine, and the demand value is increased by 1 on every move you make in space.
The demand value is hidden, so it becomes sort of guess-work once you make few deliveries.

Different trade goods have different values attached to it obviously.