Two Clusters Cold Haven walkthrough

Build ver: 0.6.0 | 2022 Oct 27 | About 6 hours of gameplay ATM.

Important stuff: This game does not offer instant healing. All heals are HoT (Heal over time). Basically, when you do a healing skill, it takes its effect after a turn. Remember that.

Another important stuff: Human healing skills do NOT work on drones / androids. It's obvious but can be forgettable.

📜 Story related quests

This quests are liner.

▶️ The first job

▶️ Stolen chems 🢂 Choosing to fight with the Kitty cats will result in 1+ in reputation with the cats. It will be a hard fight though.

▶️ Enter Kleon

▶️ Mistreatment 🢂 Choosing to kill will earn 1+ in rep with Lexa. Once you sleep, Lexa will contact which initiates a short timer before anything happens.

🍴 After this point, the plot will have two active quest arcs.

▶️ Lost girl 🢂 The real story begins.

▶️ Clinic raid 🢂 Kleon raids the medical office, and Miyuki is sending S.O.S. signal. This is an optional quest and your timeframe to respond is small. But if you ignore it, Miyuki will be removed from the game, removing the most inexpensive source of stim and detox shots.

▶️ The fuck is happening? 🢂 The heroine is introduced.

▶️ Stuck 🢂 An honest talk with Marie. Whether you choose to have sex with her or not won't have a big impact.

▶️ The big sis 🢂 Meet Aurora

▶️ AXX2-002 🢂 Meet Genkei

▶️ A fool and another fool 🢂 A clash between Kleon and the heroine. Nick can make a choice here.

▶️ Chit chat 🢂 A small talk with Kleon. Again, you can make a choice here.

▶️ An abandoned lab

▶️ A stolen heart 🢂 Toby's backstory.

▶️❗ An awkward delivery 🢂 This is where you can choose to romance Cass for real.

▶️ Sweet revenge 🢂 Nothing to do. Watch an awesome scene. Whether you lose the battle or not, it doesn't matter.

▶️❗ Stand off 🢂 Aurora route choice point.

▶️ Thin lines 🢂 Viviant's pursue for her revenge begins.

▶️ Waldemar 🢂 He must be found.

▶️ The truth 🢂 Waldemar and Viviant exchange words, and the truth is out. This is the end of a common plot line which is shared by all routes. Route specific events will differ afterwards.

📓 Side quests

🤪 Find a Delta-C dealer🢂 Given from Miyuki after Mistreatment quest. Cancelled if you don't help out Miyuki later on a raid. If you fail the clinic raid quest, this quest is cancelled. It has two routes: Truth and lie routes.

🍶 A drink to rejoice🢂 You can find Cass at Pink Spades between Mistreatment quest and Lost girl quest. Have a talk with her. It is a chance to earn some points with her. This one is very easy to miss. Not an important one also.

👧🏼 The new girl🢂 A new hooker (Jihae) at Pink Spades is having a work-related issue. Keep your eyes on her. In order to get the good ending, you need to have completed Delta-C truth route. Otherwise, she will be braindead in the end.

👠 Sophie, the commando series🢂 A guy will appear right outside of the shopping building once you begin the lost girl quest. A simple quest with easy money but at what cost?

🕶️ The dark side 🢂 Genkei will give Nick this quest. You can reject it. If you do reject it, it will be gone forever. This quest arc can give Nick a chance to have sex with Xiomara.
For the first job, you will want to use a few grenades to break down a door.
For the second job, you need full six points with Cass for the perfect result. You can still finish the quest without her cooperation.

👩 John the girl 🢂 Nick will investigate John's rat problems.

🍬 Android 2.0 🢂 This is Viviant's personal quest arc. Now, the Cass route can have only a bad ending where Genkei is arrested and that's it. You will need the Heroine to progress further.

🍬 Cursed blood 🢂 You can trigger this soon after you let Nick sleeps with Inessa. You might need to be stronger to get through it though.