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Bhavacakra 1

This was my first game ever.

Bhavacakra was my first game made with RPG Maker MV.

Its development period was between 2016 June to 2018 May. The game is considered completed with version 1.2.3.

This game is available via Google folder only. Walkthrough PDFs are also found in the folder. Enjoy.

The game is typical in a sense that nothing stands out. It has a main plot, choices, and side quests. The focus of this game is lives, people's lives. And their lives are side quests. This game boosts 90+ side quests in around 30 ~ 40 hours gameplay. There are also three endings with one ending leading to post game world.

You play as Juan, a young country man from a village of Loche. There is a rumor that a war is going to break out. As you explore the world, the war does break out, leaving you three choices. You can either fight for your country OR fight against your country. And, finally, you can turn your back on the war. Whichever choice you make, Juan's life changes for good.

There are several things I focused while making this game.

  1. The game world is consisted of four nations, with each nations containing about 2 major cities and 3 ~ 4 small villages. There is an exception though; there is an off world nation. All in all, I consider the game world to be fairly large.

  2. I did mention 90+ quests. They are side quests. Few get complicated and will go into post game. Some are hard. Some are simple fetch quests. But side quests will have stories to tell. This game is about lives. Oh, and defeat the big evil thing. Actually, no, there is no real evil being to defeat in the game. But the wheel of life works in mysterious ways.

  3. Monsters do not drop money at all. Why should they? They drop their body parts instead. You either sell them to proper places (trading posts) for bigger profits or use them to cook.

  4. Main characters and other important characters have unique CG portrait. The game also contains CG scenes I made.

  5. You can pursue your relationship with your heroine all the way into marriage if you so desire.