For version 1.2.1 , Updated date Jan 13, 2022
👋 Quick tips
✋ Get Maco a chainmail ASAP. It makes her very tanky.
🤞 Get Maco meet the guardian of water ASAP. This makes some encounters much easier later on.

➤ Eton guild quests

Eton is the default plot arc. Eton guild quests are straight forward, usually. Guild quests are NOT tracked in thoughts under menu.

➧ Menacing goat – This is the entry quest. Maco can easily solo it. The choice in this quest will not matter. However, this is a sign of things to come. The game will ask some hard questions later.

⚡ Chapter 1: Free as bird (Chapter names aren’t revealed in the game. This is for internal purposes.).
➧ Gift gone wrong
➧ Wolf overpopulation
➧ Delivery
➧ Hasn’t been too bad

⚡ Chapter 2 – Liberate Tobas
➧ Eton sewage cleanup
➧ Hide delivery
➧ Escort job, to Alderin – You must protect the guy. Do not let him faint.
➧ Scout Tobas – At this point, passing the Ezona pass is going to be too hard. So, save up and use the carriage instead.
➧ Liberate Tobas

⚡ Chapter 3 – No title
➧ Healer in demand – Annamaria enters
➧ Log delivery
➧ A chef’s woes
➧ Loud neighbor
➧ Defeat Lord Boar – Optional
➧ Akatoob

⚡ Chapter 4 – Cizna guild
➧ Away job – Maco visits Cizna guild to ask for a reinforcement. She will work with Cizna guild members for a while, giving you a taste of a potential switch.
➧ Wasp problem
➧ Merchant escort
➧ Boat repair – This will allow an access to the village of life.
➧ Lost box
➧ Meet Benja

⚡ Chapter 5 – Operation Red turban part 1
➧ Loud neighbor again – Part 2 of previous Loud neighbor quest.
➧ Red heads – This has a permanent effect for the zone. Once you complete it, the zone will default to tougher bandits regardless of your level. At the same time, the frequency of bandit encounter will be reduced by 15%.
➧ Iron maiden
➧ Train Akatoob
➧ Rabbit hole

⚡ Chapter 6 – Operation Red turban part 2
➧Blockade (Automatically taken)
➧Blockade: Week 1
➧Blockade: Week 2
➧Downfall – The bandits are defeated and Baba joins Eton guild and the first real tank for Maco’s party.

⚡ Chapter 7 – A break time
➧Funny mantis – This is a beginning of another chain quest like “Loud neighbor” series.
➧A letter to an old friend
➧Invitation – Xander discretely offers Maco a chance to join Cizna guild.

⚡ Chapter 8 – Ezona liberation part 1
➧Meet up with Jack
➧Meet up with Jack – Talk to Vakula
➧Meet up with Jack – Talk to Martello
➧Meet up with Jack – Talk to Richard
➧Talk to Jack

⚡ Chapter 9 – Peace
➧Loud neighbor again?!
➧Mantis menace
➧Eton sewer cleanup 2
➧Rise of Red
➧Back to Ezona

⚡ Chapter 10 – Ezona liberation part 2
➧Cutting off a reinforcement
➧Enzo’s fall

⚡ Chapter 11 – Pierre’s fate
➧Mediation in Dolle
You have two choices. Either kill or spare Pierre. Either choice opens up a different path. If you kill him, Maco gains a dark point which will allow her to be able to communicate with the guardian of the temple of Hatred. She will also learn a level 2 dark spell. The dark point to talk to the guardian of temple of Hatred is perhaps more importantly as it opens up a side quest to be able to access the isle of death.
If you spare him, Pierre will be available as a companion at Cizna guild. Maco will also gain a level 2 light spell. More importantly, Maco will have a light point. The light point can lead to a chain quest involving the temple of Life.

⚡ Chapter 12 – Akatoob vanishes
➧Material supply
➧Fox harassment
➧Innocent ghost: If you spared Pierre, Maco is able to learn holy fire spell for choosing to help the ghost.
➧Where is the kid? : If you killed Pierre, the wraith will give some insight on what is going on.

⚡ Chapter 13 – Maco’s choices, final chapter for Eton guild quest line.
All quests in chapter 13 are optional. There is no deadline.

➧Help me: This is Gwynn’s story line quest. You will need at least 13 points in friendships to be able to have an impact. Otherwise, the quest will see its default ending which is that Gwynn will move to Cyro to be with her husband. The default ending will basically erase her from the game. You won’t be able to see her again.

➧Sparring partner: This quest introduces a member of the Silverwright family.

➧Calling: This is Annamaria’s story quest. There are three endings which depends on your friendship level with her. There are two moments where friendship level check will be made. The first check requires 7 or greater to pass. The second check requires 12 or high to pass. If either pass fails, she will simply run away. Now, if the first check fails, she will really vanish from the game. If you fail at the second check, she will be still found somewhere else in hiding. If you pass both checks, she will be able to re-join the guild for the time being.

➧Rat king

➧Kesper’s resolve : Grants him a better taunt skill. Still not quite useful but better than before. If you have high enough friendship level with him, he will get a taunt skill with 70% success rate. If not, he will get a taunt skill with just 60% success rate.

➧Find the kid: This is the final story quest for Eton guild and is automatically taken by talking to Jasmin. Do note that this quest has no entry on the guild quest board. Depending on whether you killed Pierre or not will have some effects on how this quest will progress. If you’ve killed Pierre, you can simply talk to the wraith who will provide you what you need to know. If not, talk to Quinn. If you have Quinn in your party already, he will talk on his own, provided that you completed his quest “The teaching of the world”. That side quest must be completed.

➤ Side quests

Short & easy ones aren’t explained. “Tracked” means the quest progress is tracked in “Thoughts” on main menu.

1.📜 Messages between siblings (Rathbone at the temple of Affection)
🢂Requires a lot of running. Reward is a bath scene for Maco (Fan service). Other nude scene for other girls will be added later on.

2.📜 Little revenge (The carriage driver in Eton)
🢂Talk to the carriage guy in Eton. He will ask for a simple task for a discount. The quest will be too hard early on.

3.📜 Worrywart (In one of houses by the temple of Affection.) (Bone key reward)

4.📜 Better hotdog (the temple of Affection)

5.📜 Rifi the ill girl (Ryin) (Tracked)
🢂 This is a long quest and, if you’ve played Bhavacakra Grace, you may just recall the very same name. You can trigger it easily by simply visiting her house in Ryin. Completing it, though, will require you to travel all over.

6.📜 The teaching of the world (Quinn @ Alca scholar’s guild) (Tracked)
🢂 Just talk to Quinn to begin. While I list this as a single quest, it has parts. Part 1 is easy. Part 2 involves the water dungeon where you will need to be around level 20 to be able to survive. Actually, water dungeon is a bad place to go with Eton guild members. Cody and Irune from Cizna guild are highly recommended. Further parts cannot be done at this point because the maps aren’t there yet.

7.📜 Who let the sheep out (Alca field)
🢂 Take the request from Alca scholar’s guild and talk to a shepherd right outside of the city. The quest itself is straightforward. Alas, the battle part is not. You need to take the sheep down in one turn or he will flee. This ultimately means your party need to be of high level enough to dish out the required damage. The sheep also has an insane evasion rate (90%). The sheep is far east of the shepherd, right by a lake. A sheep right outside of Alca is not the one.

8.📜 Tobas crisis (Tobas, tracked)
🢂 Can be triggered once the village is liberated. This is a fairly straight quest with choices. Correct answers to the choices will grant something. Once the boat shows up in the village, someone by a dock will mention an island. This is for end game content. This quest has a deadline. Must be done before Pierre’s fate is sealed.

9.📜 Daddy, where art thou (Alca scholar’s guild) (Bone key reward)
🢂 Take the mission and go to a house in top left corner of Alca to talk to a woman. The quest is straightforward with a CG scene involved.

10.📜 Goblin study (Luca @ Alca scholar’s guild) (Tracked)
🢂 This quest has a requirement. You must meet Stinky, the goblin, in Fadin. And then speak to Grace. Once that is done, you can speak to Luca in Alca scholar’s guild to begin this. This is a long quest and one of major side quests on Alcella island. Luca can join you during and after this quest. Finally, this quest has an option for a fan service scene. (Maco can lift her skirt up to progress the quest. This is an optional choice.) This quest has a fair amount of cool down timers which is a passive timer between guest steps. Lastly, the secret passageway is found outside of Alca, all the way up north on a cliff.

11.📜 An abandoned manor (??? location)
🢂 There is an abandoned manor somewhere between the temple of Affection and Vollin. Investigate. Completely optional.

12.📜 Girl versus Shark (Inder)
🢂 A simple quest in concept. But you can take only one member along with you. Choose wisely. Basically, you want a fire mage and let Maco use healing potions to heal the mage. Not really possible to complete this at low level and Maco is going to need a chainmail. Rewards are a unique leather armor and a free boat in and out of Inder from Fadin.

13.📜 A letter to home (Corlo)
🢂 Depending on how you look at it, this quest can be important. Shana at Cizna guild will ask Maco to carry a letter to her mother, Grace Fadin. That itself is the quest, simple. If you choose to skip this, Shana will not help Maco while she is at Cizna guild during Away job quest, leaving you only Cody to do missions with. Alternatively, you could get Luca and Quinn to work with you meanwhile. Still, you’d be missing a healer and Shana is one although she does need 5 or so levels to learn the first healing spell.

14.📜 Love crab legs (Fadin)
🢂 A simple quest. Talk to the female NPC in green dress to start. While simple, its second stage does add a bonus reward for going after a map boss King Crab. King crab is not in 0.2.x yet. It’s in Baldar continent which means you will need to wait until 0.4.x.

15.📜 The creep (Various locations)
🢂 The creep is basically a perv who will go around the world and do whatever he can get a peep at various women’s underwear. The first appearance he will make is at Eton tavern. He will then show up in Colro. Where next? Well, explore and find out. Onward for the quest of upskirts! Meh, whatever. This quest ends when Sharon pardons him. Doesn’t mean he won’t show up again.

16.📜 Alternative meat (Vollin)
🢂 The vendor in Vollin wants venison.

17.📜 Better late than never (Vollin) (Tracked)
🢂 You can talk to a woman named Sytnel to begin this quest in Vollin. The goal of this quest is to find her a husband. Of course, that is easier to be said than done. There are three possible men for her. Each of them is found in Ryin tavern, Dolle, and Ezona.

18.📜 76th Corlo melee tournament ( Cizna guild @ Corlo ) (Tracked)
🢂 The tournament is a long quest on its own. Maco must go through preliminary rounds and then face 3 more rounds to reach its final spot and then battle last year’s champion to win. You aren’t expected to pass preliminary rounds if you are below level 24. This level is when Maco gets a healthy boost in ice damage with ice 3. This side quest its own section.

19.📜 Tainted well (Cetsu)
🢂 The only well in Cetsu appears to be poisoned and nobody knows exactly why.

20.📜 Revenge of a waitress (Eton)
🢂 This can only be triggered once you’ve dealt with Tom the creep at Corlo. Lotta suspects that she has been peeped (well, duh) and she wants revenge. She wants Tom to be arrested at whatever the cost. At this point, Tom will be found at Duchess’ boobs (Fino tavern).

21.📜 Ilness (Cetsu) (Tracked)
🢂 A man is dangerously ill in Cetsu. But he can’t leave the town due to a contract. Solve it.

22.📜 Fire salt (Valura)
🢂 The first private quest with chef Celino.

23.📜 Duel (Fire dungeon, 2nd floor)
🢂 Talk to a resting NPC to know about the guardian golem willing to duel. Maco needs to be level 24+ and you must fight it alone. The golem uses fire 2 and brutal hit (blunt). Bring about 20 greater health potions and be sure to equip padded undercloth to reduce damage from brutal hit. A chainmail is also highly recommended. Reward for this is a fire blade skill.

23.📜 Finest noble tunic (Ezona)
🢂 Can only be triggered once Ezona is taken over by Jack. There are two versions of this. If you have Maco’s old, original, noble tunic, you will get the better version. If not, a slightly inferior version. Basically, Vakula the tailor will stitch in chainmail sheets, making the tunic a slightly weaker version of ordinary chainmail but with an evasion bonus. The better version will have 10% evasion. If not, 5%.

24.📜 Forgiveness of a singer (Fino)
🢂 To trigger this, you must have Tom arrested at Fino tavern. Enter the place again and the bouncer will ask you to meet Sharon. The rest is simple.

25.📜 Hard to please (Bo coast)
🢂 This is the first quest you will get from Giove. He is found south of Bo, stuck in a ship. He is not an important character early on but he and his ship will prove to be mighty useful in end game.

26.📜 Lost adventurer (Fire dungeon) (Tracked)
🢂 You can begin this at level 4 of fire dungeon by examining a skeleton on ground. If you are lost on how to find his family, he can be found by the cliff between Vollin and Corlo.

27.📜 A girl of wind (Cyro news) (Tracked)
🢂 An introductory quest for Luella.

28.📜 Heretic knowledge (Tracked)
🢂 #21 Illness quest must be completed for this to trigger. This is a potentially long side quest.

29.📜 Turto armors (Tracked)
🢂 Turto armors are exceptional at blunt damage resistance. It begins at Bella armory.

30.📜 The weapon of a champion (Tracked)
🢂 You will get this quest only if you win Corlo tournament. You have three choices. Go for the third if you want the best sword. It is the best short sword in the game.

31.📜 The way of the sword 🢂 This quest has several stages. The first stage can be omitted if Maco fails to defeat Keng in Corlo tournament.
⛖ The first stage (Maco must defeat Keng in Corlo tournament): Keng will teach Maco a taunt skill which can be useful in Jordin area where Baba won’t be allowed.
⛖ The second stage is when Maco completes a task for Maximilian Juno. He will teach her a new blade skill.

32.📜 Seagull egg hunt (Tito)
🢂 A simple quest that can get you a bone key if made the right choice.

33.📜 Goblin chronicles (Fadin) (Tracked)
🢂 A major side quest arc. This is a follow up quest from side quest #10 “Goblin study”. It can only start once you complete #10. You start this by talking to Stinky in Fadin who will refer Maco to a specific someone within Goblin cave. Do note that, if you choose Maco to be the leader of goblins, the quest simply ends since problems are basically solved. If you let Stinky become their leader, there will be a war between Alca, Fadin, and Inder later. This is probably more preferable route. As for a way to please goblins, talk to Sharon’s bodyguard. You need to have the perv arrested for this to trigger.

34.📜 Yellow turban bandits (*Incomplete)
🢂 A major side quest arc. You may begin this after you begin Corlo melee tournament. Whether you win or not matters not. As long as you’ve triggered the tournament, you can start it by talking to Dona at Cyro university.

35.📜 Shroom soup (Inder)
🢂 A simple quest that you’d be able to complete by just reaching Inder.

36.📜 Long overdue book (Alca)
🢂 A simple quest as long as you follow what Maco says. A bone key can be obtained.

37.📜 Wedding gift (Dolle)
🢂 This quest has a requirement. You must have progressed quite far into Eton guild story arc to a point of returning to Jack in Ezona. Once the requirement is met, talk to Annemaria. In the final battle, focus on boss only.

38.📜 Marco (Loche)
🢂 Marco is Maco’s elder brother by 11 years. Although he is mentioned in the beginning of the game, he hasn’t shown up. Now, he does. Once you are returning to Jack in Ezona, this quest can trigger. Basically, Maco’s father is dead, and her brother has taken over. There is nothing for you to do in this quest but you will want to trigger this for future quests.

39.📜 Cactus juice (Lupen)
🢂 A simple quest. No need to explain.

40.📜 Donidoni’s revenge (Lupen)
🢂 A simple quest.

41.📜 The Maiden of Light (*Incomplete)
🢂 You need 4 light points to advance.

42.📜 The Maiden of Darkness (*Incomplete)
🢂 You need 4 dark points to advance. Then talk to the keeper at the temple of Hatred.

43.📜 For boobs! Part 1 (Tracked)
🢂 This is Shana’s personal quest. Having her and using Alderin bath can trigger this if made correct choices during a conversation between two naked girls. Part 1 is simple and has no combat or investigation involved. Once done, there is no further messages in thoughts. You must have Shana in your party.

44.📜 For boobs! Part 2 (Tracked)
🢂 To trigger this, part 1 must obviously be completed. Once done, a new scroll will pop up at Langt library about “Monster fusion”. Reading it will trigger a possible solution for Shana’s lack of assets. You must have Shana in your party. Also note that she is not available during Color tournament.

45.📜 Slimy research (Tracked)
🢂 No requirement to trigger. Simply talk to Vanesa at Alca scholar’s guild. A straight froward quest as well.

46.📜 Freezing riddle (Tracked)
🢂 There are four water elements on level 3 of Water dungeon. They speak a riddle. Once you speak to all four, Maco wonders who to ask for a second opinion. Now, there are three people you can talk to. One is Vanesa in Alca. Two is Ojeka in Langt. The final one is high priest Monto in Stodin. Maco will come to her conclusion once she has talked to all three. Now, in order to be able to speak to Monto, you need to have Rifi the ill girl quest (#5) and have progressed enough.

47.📜 This guy, again (Tracked) (Tobas)
🢂 This is the second encounter with Giove, meaning you need to complete #25 first. You also need to have Eton guild arc completed. Once those two conditions are met, Giove’s boat will show up in Tobas. Talk to him and give him a hotdog 2.

48.📜 Charred helmet (Tracked) (Fire dungeon level 4)
🢂 You may have found a charred helmet from fire dungeon level 4. You can now restore it. Take it to Tair in Bella. You will need a fire hide which, so far, has only one source from Lord Boar quest from Eton guild. If you’ve sold it, don’t worry. A few more sources for a fire hide will be added, eventually.

49.📜 Oath breaker (Tracked) (Ugi isle)
🢂 This quest is available only after you complete Eton guild arc. Talk to a guard on Ugi isle in front of a large building. The quest itself is easy but you do have a decision to make. Maco will give two reasons for murdering. One reason will result a light point. The other will result a dark point. It is basically lawful evil versus chaotic evil choice.

49.📜 Ambassiter (Tracked) (Goblin cave)
🢂 Ok, the proper spelling is ambassador. I know that. Stinky does not. Stinky appoints Maco as an ambassiter and wants to send a diplomatic message to Alca and Fadin. Fadin first and then Alca. A straightforward quest. Once you do this, a timer (30 minutes) is placed until the next development.

50.📜 Bug cleanup (Tracked) (Goblin cave)
🢂 Available once Stinky forms his goblin kingdom. Talk to the goblin next to a cave to start. A simple go & kill quest but a beginning of a chain.

51.📜 Howling wolves (Tracked) (Stodin)
🢂 You being this quest by talking to a man by a Jordin-style carriage. He talks about wolves. Then talk to the guard at the entrance. Then wait 10 minutes or so. The quest will advance, and Maco will be tasked to kill some wolves.

52.📜 Light the way (Ugi isle)
🢂 A guard asks Maco to light dead lamps. Completing this quest will light up the first floor of the mine.

53.📜 Crab legs (Tito)
🢂 Requires you to complete side quest 32.

54.📜 Griffin (World boss)
🢂 Found on top of Belegrarth mountain. It uses needle gun (pierce attack) and wind spells. Use heavy undercloth to reduce wind damage.

55.📜 A needle in haystack (Kyye)
🢂 This quest is literally about finding a needle in haystack. Talk to a guy right outside of Kyye to conclude the weird quest.

56.📜 The Skeleton bandits (Baldar)
🢂 Take a look at a wanted poster in Baldar to trigger this quest. Then talk to a person right next to it to advance. This is one of major side quest arcs.

57.📜 Lifting the ban (Baldar)
🢂 If you get yourself banned by Ixar after refusing to bow to him, you can start this to regain the access. No combat required. Just straight talk. This quest also activates another minor side quest #58.

58.📜 Girls’ fight (Baldar)
🢂 Side quest #57 required. This quest will reveal history between Ekora and Ojeka.

59.📜 Missing person (Baldar)
🢂 To find him, you need to find quicksand spots. Once in the cave, go south to find the body. Then go further south to find his bag. The exit is far up north in a different zone.

60.📜 Cactus flower (Baldar)
🢂 A simple patch quest. The drop rate of the flower is about 15%.

61.📜 Shark meat (Alca)
🢂 A simple quest. Just follow what the quest says.

62.📜 Revenge of a witch ghost (Witch forest)
🢂 In order to trigger this quest, Goblin study (#10) and Goblin chronicles (#33) must be completed. This is not completed at the moment.

63.📜 Allen’s tomb (Kyye)
🢂 In order to trigger this quest, enter the house Kyye house, go upstairs, and talk to a kid. Then go downstairs and talk to the guy on top left. Then go to Fadin and speak to Grace Fadin. Once that is done, enter the tomb east of Kyye. Go all the way down until you see a magical circle. Step on it and the quest will progress. Go back to Kyye and talk to the kid again. Then to the tomb.

64.📜 Droko egg (Langt)
🢂 This is a simple patch quest from Tory Langt. You have to do this to unlock further quests from him.

65.📜 A treasure map (Ezona) Incomplete
🢂 You need to complete side quest #26 (Lost adventurer) to trigger this one. Once he sets up his shop, he sells maps. Buy one and he will exchange it for a real one. Bring the map to Martello of Ezona shipwright to advance.

66.📜 Hides for minotaurs (Ugi mine level 6)
🢂 Talk to the minotaur by a cave. Basically bring him 90 hides. This is an easy mission but getting to that place might be a pain in the arse. The reward is the best axe in the game.

67.📜 A heart of water (Ugi mine level 8)
🢂 Ciska’s backstory.

68.📜 Lost letters (Yaelu) 🢂 Talk to the one in charge of scrolls in the house Yaelu. You will battle some dust elementals in this quest. Do note that wind damage is calculated by one's weight, meaning tanks have inherently high resistance toward wind damage with their heavy armors and all. If they get through your tank somehow, they can one or two-shot your entire party since their spells are AoE.

69.📜 The journey to the island of Wind (Loche) - Incomplete
🢂 This is a major side quest arc. Requirements to trigger this is you complete Luca's quests on Alcella island and have her in Loche. Then you need to have completed Giove's quest in Tobas.

70.📜 Road safety (Fino)
🢂 A simple quest.

71.📜 The ill wife (Ryin)
🢂 You need to have Neven and Mieke in the party. It doesn't have to be at the same time. The requirement to trigger this quest is that you must complete Sparring partner quest from Eton guild quest line.

72.📜 The werewolves
🢂 This quest is automatically taken right after the ill wife quest. Maco wonders whether there is anyone or anything she can ask about werewolves and hints at Ojeka at Langt library. But, in the end, the one you need to talk to is Glaciale on water dungeon level 4. This quest will reveal pretty much everything with werewolves.

73.📜 Max's request (Fort Leng)
🢂 Maco needs to be above level 25 to trigger this. He will request her to exterminate all wild boars around the fort. Then will ask her to deliver a letter to Keng.

74.📜 A soldier's request
🢂 A soldier in Fort Leng will ask Maco to deliver a letter to his family in Jalfti. But there is a twist.

75.📜 Blissful assassination
🢂 This is the last part of the shortened Jordin plot. Once you do this, you will be locked out of Jalfti. Therefore, do make sure that you finish "A soldier's request". Or you will be missing out an alignment point.

76.📜 The island of Wind (Ezona)
🢂 This short, but hard, quest requires Giove's ship. Reward is two powerful spells for Luca and a buttload of EXP.

77.📜 Wayward diplomacy (Ezona)
🢂 You must have completed Eton guild arc to trigger this. A small Red turban uprising is spotted near Ezona. Jack asks Maco to take care of it. Two kind of endings to this.

78.📜 Ghost witch
🢂 This is a continuation of Luca's plotline but it starts from a Cizna guild mission.
Once you talk to the ghost witch, you will need to talk to Grace. Once you reach a point that it doesn't lead anywhere, talk to the Silverwright. Then simply follow the instruction in thoughts.

79.📜 Messy cleanup
🢂 The ghost witch quest must be completed. Go into Alca castle, and you will find a guard talking about a trouble. Go in and solve it.

80.📜 New adventurers
🢂 If you've let the bandits live from side quest 77 (Wayward diplomacy), you will find them again right outside of Valura. The second part of this quest is in Witch forest (South of Fadin).

81.📜 A legendary dish part 1
🢂 A quest from Chef Celino in Valura. You must have completed all of his previous quests to trigger it.

82.📜 Skeleton bandits
🢂 This is a quest from Ekora. To trigger it, you need to get Maco banned from Baldar temple and visit Ekora to get her unbanned. Do quests she gives out, and you will eventually be told about skeleton bandits. This quest has little to no combat. It's mostly investigating.
Once the quest is triggered, head toward Lupen. Ask around. Kill skeleton groups until you find a coin.

➤ Cizna guild quests

Cizna guild is a part of alternative arc. You can join this guild once you’ve completed Eton plot. There is also a chance that you will begin this arc during the Corlo tournament. In such a case, Maco will have no one but Pierre (if spared) available from the guild.

⚡ Chapter 1 – Unwelcome guest
➧Lightstone - You must bring two crystals. Remember that.
➧Bo mine cleanup
➧Maneater menace
➧Hot rescue
➧Unwanted guest – Plot advance

⚡ Chapter 2 – Friction
➧Domestic gibberish
A very hard combat. Ideal group setup is: Baba or Dorien for tank | Mieke or Neven if he has leaned poison | Luca and Annamaria or Pierre Go after tentacles that heal first.
➧Glass ceiling – Maco will be asked by MP Edward to consider running for a seat. This will kick off Cizna storyline.

⚡ Chapter 3 – Protest
➧Giant maneater!
➧Into abyss part 1
➧Workers’ rights – A long quest on its own. Talk to MP Edward in Cetsu to start. You will be adventuring a lot to finish this.

⚡ Chapter 3 – Labour party
➧Fire in the hole
➧Stone sword
➧A faraway call
➧The first real step

⚡ Chapter 4 –
➧Into abyss 2 - This quest is where you find the water elemental required for Shana's quest. Be prepared for really tough battles. Bring ropes, potions, foods, etc. Maco needs to be over 40+ and your tank must be fully geared.
➧Home disaster - Virtually impossible to beat without giving Maco a fireproof undercloth. She then can pretty much solo it.
➧ Flying high - The last story quest for the game.

🏆 76th Corlo melee tournament 🏆

This quest opens up once Red turban is defeated. To win this tough, you are expected to be level 40+ with top gears. Despite the name being “melee” tournament, mages are welcome. However, archers are not. P.S. Maco will declare herself as 18 years old in the tournament.

You must go through a series of preliminary rounds (2) to book a spot in the round of 8. And this is where things get really tough. This is a knockout tournament, meaning one defeat is enough to end this side quest for you. Losing in preliminary rounds yields no rewards. Each round has a cool down timer of half an hour.
It’s worthwhile to note that Gomu and Lomaku are also unique characters and will appear elsewhere.

Preliminary round 1: Gomu, the warrior
Preliminary round 2: Irune
Round of 16: Inder ninja
============== The real tournament begins ===================
Round of 8 opponent: Konrad 💰 800 coins if you lose this round.
Semi-final: Lomaku 💰 3,000 coins if you lose this round.
Final: Hyusuan Keng 💰 15,000 coins if you lose. If won, Keng will teach Maco a new melee skill.
Versus the champion: Xander 💰 50,000 coins if you lose here.

If you manage to win the tournament, you have a choice of 100,000 coins or you will get a chance to forge a short sword of your choice. If done right, you will obtain the best melee short sword in the game.

👙 Bella bikini contest

In order to trigger this quest, you need to meet three following conditions.

  1. You need to have completed Eton guild arc.
  2. You need to have handed in Maco's registration as a MP.
  3. The pervert is spared by Sharon the singer.

Once those conditions are met, go to Bella and talk to the armorsmith, Tair.
You will eventually be asked to talk to Mieke to return which she will sternly refuse. Then talk to Shana. She will only agree if she has the boobs.

➤ World boss info

↳ Furball tarantula
This giant tarantula is immune to most damage types. Only fire and pierce attacks are effective. Fire does 3x damage to it. It has a poison attack that inflects deadly poison 2 which will eat up 40% of health each turn. It will last 1 or 2 turns. It also has a brutal attack (blunt) that could knock out your tank in one hit. Neven with cure poison is recommended.

↳ Giant flower crab
It does 10,000 points of blunt damage per hit. Your tank must have probably over 90% of blunt resistance. Remember that heavy armour is bad with blunt resistance. Due to its hard shell, pierce attacks will be useless.

↳ Griffin
It does wind damage as well as pierce. Wind resistance is hard to obtain, so be prepared to take the damage.

↳ Giant centipede Found near Korosis, it drains your stamina (around 3,000 points at once). Bring energy drinks. It has two forms. The first form, being buried in sand, makes it immune to magic.